Industrial Products

With our wide variety of rapid prototyping technology, we can give you a prototype of your latest product design in no time! Whether you require a model for a presentation, functional testing, or even as a small production run, we can provide the solution. Contact us now with your product requirement.

Rapid Prototyping Engineered Components
Using our rapid prototyping technology, complex engineering designs can be manufactured to scale for presentation and functional testing. Whether it be a single part or a complex assembly, FB Design can find the solution that is best for you.
Metal Rapid Prototyping
FB Design offers prototyping in metal as well. Lasercutting, CNC machining, welding, and surface coating facilities are all available to provide a fully functional prototype in any standard metal including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Bronze, and more.
3D Printing Industrial Products
Using 3D Printing, have your latest Industrial Product Design manufactured in full color detail in just hours! Need a model of you latest design for a presentation tomorrow? 3D Printing is the solution you've been looking for.
Rapid Prototyping Casting Master Components
With our rapid prototyping technology, you can produce your latest design for any casted component, test the dimensions and functionality, and directly use the same model as a master for the casting die. Contact us and save time and money on making the same model by conventional methods.
Rapid Prototyping Complex Engineering Assemblies
Using Rapid Prototyping, all the components of an engineering assembly can be manufactured together and assembled as designed. Many times the assembly is fully operational.
Rapid Prototyping Consumer Electronics
Using Rapid Prototyping, manufacture your latest design in consumer electronics. With many standard plastic materials available, your product will look and feel just like the final product.